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Homeowners Pollution Prevention

Pollution can come from a variety of place. There are many items and activities that people do in everyday life that can result in contamination of our drainage systems; polluting our ground and surface waters, and leading to degradation of our environment. Being aware of these possible sources of pollution and how to prevent them is an easy way citizens can help inure our waters stay clean and safe. As we like to say "Only rain down the storm drain".

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Have solid waste? Wondering where you can take it to dispose of it properly? Check out the York County Solid Waste Collection & Recycling page for more information!

Have household hazardous materials? Checkout out this Household Hazardous Materials Procedures Flyer to find out how to safely disposed of them.

septic Opens in new windowSeptic Systems need proper maintenance and routine inspections to help prevent harmful bacteria from contaminating surface and ground waters.

tire Opens in new windowVehicles need to be inspected for leaks. This includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. Any fluids or contaminants that leak from a vehicles get washed into the nearest waterway when it rains. 

lawnLawns can be a major source of contaminants if certain practices are performed  (or not performed). Taking simples steps can help reduce the amount of pollutants running off a lawn.

pool Opens in new windowPools & spas are fun and entertaining but can result in pollution of our waterways if improper practices are performed. 


Boats are a fun way to enjoy your free time but can have detrimental effects to aquatic life and water quality if good boating practices are not upheld. 

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