Public Education

  1. Adopt-A-Stream
  2. Rain Barrels
  3. Rain Gardens
  4. Scoop the Poop

On The Move

It’s so easy!
Make a commitment:

  • Decide as a group that you want to see a section of stream kept clean.
  • Select from your group one or more Adopt-A-Stream Coordinators.
  • Your Coordinator will attend training, learn Adopt-A-Stream protocols and then assist your group with implementing them.
  • Conduct annually:
    • One “Stream Walk” (This is a quantitative visual assessment of stream health.)
    • Two stream clean-ups per year


  • Pick a section of a stream that you would like to keep clean and adopt it.
  • Come with your family or gather your friends, coworkers, or associates and become a member of the Adopt-A-Stream Program!
  • Training will be provided on how to conduct ongoing monitoring of the health of your adopted stream section along with how to conduct a safe and successful cleanup.
  • We will provide supplies including gloves, safety vests, bags and even pick up all your bagged trash.

York County has joined together with other municipalities to form the Adopt-A-Stream Program, a citizen-based monitoring and litter prevention initiative intended to protect the health and beauty of our local waterways.
Program Goals

  • Increase citizen awareness of water quality issues
  • Train citizens on how to monitor stream health
  • Involve citizens in efforts to reduce the amount of trash in and along our waterways

To Join

Call the Adopt-A-Stream number on the back of this brochure if you wish to adopt a stream section. Your Adopt-A-Stream contact will ask you for the following information:

  • Group name (example: Willow Heights Homeowner’s Association)
  • Name of Group Coordinator (Each group should select a Coordinator that will be responsible for attending the training & organizing monitoring & clean-up events.)
  • Coordinator’s address, telephone, and e-mail
  • Location of stream section that you wish to adopt
  • Name to appear on adoption sign

Benefits of Joining


  • Litter-free waterways
  • Awareness of your watershed
  • Training on how to monitor the health of your stream
  • Recognition of your group on an Adopt-A-Stream sign
  • Certificate of appreciation

See below for information on our various outreach programs.