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Important News


The revised Stormwater Management and Sediment Control Ordinance and the new York County Design Manual became effective June 17, 2019.

You can find these documents at the below links:

Stormwater Management and Sediment Control Ordinance

York County Stormwater Design Manual

Review Process

The Environmental Compliance Division reviews industrial, commercial and residential plans for compliance with the York County Stormwater Management and Sediment Control Ordinance.  Unless otherwise exempt, all land disturbance activities, including redevelopment, disturbing one (1.0) or more acres of land, including sites smaller than one (1.0) acre that are part of a Larger Common Plan (LCP) of development ultimately disturbing one (1.0) or more acres, are required to obtain permit coverage for their stormwater discharges.  To apply for permit coverage, the applicant must submit a Comprehensive Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (C-SWPPP) along with a Notice of Intent for Coverage(s) of Primary Permittees under South Carolina NPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activities SCR100000 (DHEC Form 2617).

All C-SWPPPs, design plans, and specifications submitted to the County for approval must be prepared, amended when necessary, and stamped by a qualified professional who has been designated in writing by the applicant as his representative.  The following disciplines may certify and stamp/seal plans as allowed by their respective licensing act and regulations:

  • Registered professional engineers as described in S.C. Code 1976, § 40-22-10 et seq.
  • Registered landscape architects as described in S.C. Code 1976, § 40-28-10(a).
  • Tier B land surveyor as described in S.C. Code 1976, § 40-22-10 et seq.

Land disturbance activities, including redevelopment, involving more than 10,000 square feet but less than one (1.0) acre of actual land disturbance, which are not part of a larger common plan of development or sale, are required to submit a Notification Form for Sites Disturbing Less Than 1 Acre (DHEC Form 2628), a Simplified Stormwater Management and Sediment Control Plan (SMSCP) and the Individual Lot Checklist, but a full C-SWPPP is not required.  The SMSCP does not require approval by SCDHEC and is not required to be prepared by an engineer, Tier B surveyor, or landscape architect.  However, if an individual with one of these licenses prepares the plan, then they must sign and seal the plans.

The following process diagram illustrates the minimum general requirements for land disturbance permitting. Refer to Chapter 152 –Stormwater Management and Sediment Control Ordinance of York County Code of Ordinances and the York County Stormwater Management Design Manual for full explanation of requirements and procedures:

Permitting Process Flow Chart

What happens to my incomplete permit application? 

Review Fees

Land Disturbance Permit / Plan Review Fee $300 per disturbed acre or portion thereof (rounded up to next whole acre).
Plan Re-review Fee * $50 – Projects disturbing less than one acre.
$100 – Projects disturbing one acre and greater. Fee is per disturbed acre or portion thereof (rounded up to next whole acre) (up to a maximum of $750)

Revision to approved plan $25 - Individual residential lot one acre or less.
$100 - Total project area one acre to less than five acres.
$200 - Total project area five acres to less than 20 acres.
$300 - Total project area greater than 20 acres.
Resource Remediation Fee $50 per disturbed acre (rounded up to next whole acre).
Application for Detention Waiver or Variance from Stormwater Requirements $300 per application.

Projects subject to SCDHEC NPDES Construction General Permit $125 (check payable to SCDHEC)
Secondary permittee coverage (IL-NOI) $25 – 1 to 5 lots
$50 – 6 to 20 lots
$75 – 21 or more lots
Final Inspection (Re-inspection fee for final stabilization) $100
* This fee may be waived  if the revision is determined by the Stormwater Administrator to be minor.

Incomplete Permit Applications

Engineering design plans, permit applications, specifications, and C-SWPPP packages submitted to the County that do not meet the minimum requirements of the Stormwater Ordinance shall be handled in the following manner:

  • If the C-SWPPP, design plans, specifications, and/or permit application is denied, written notification indicating the reason or reasons for denial will be forwarded to the applicant.  The applicant may correct the deficiencies in conformance with the Manual and resubmit the documents. Each re-submittal shall be subject to a re-review fee.
  • If material items from the most current Stormwater Management and Sediment Control Checklist are omitted from the initial submittal or the resubmitted previously approved submittal, the application will be considered inadequate and shall be subject to re-review fees.
  • The County shall hold the incomplete plan for a period of sixty (60) calendar days from the date of the written notice.  If a Request for Extension is not received within sixty (60) calendar days, the incomplete submittal shall be rejected, and the entire submittal process must be initiated again.
  • Requirements presented in this Manual may be modified by the County to address specific stormwater quantity or quality problems or to meet other regulatory requirements.
  • Any C-SWPPP approval may be suspended, revoked or modified by the County upon finding that the holder is not in compliance with this Manual or the Ordinance.