Disposal Fees & Acceptable Debris

Materials Disposal Location Notes Regarding Proper Disposal Tipping Fee
Municipal Solid
Waste (MSW)
Transfer Station
Large metal buildings located
at the end of the road
Hazardous, liquid, and special wastes are not accepted here. Please contact Solid Waste Collection and Recycling for disposal. Gas and oil must be removed from boats. $46.00/ton
Construction &
Demolition (C&D)
C&D Landfill Cell
Follow gravel road straight
through second curve
Household food waste not accepted.
No  Asbestos containing materials.
No tires.
Yard Debris Brush Pile
Left side of the road across
from transfer station
No leaves or grass clippings.
Only brush, logs and stumps.
Tires Tire Building
Small metal building across from transfer station
Must call ahead to ensure we are accepting tires You must off load your tires bring help if needed. We do not accept muddy tires.
You must arrive before 2 PM
Office 803-628-3186
$75.00/ton, passenger and truck tires. 
$175.00/ton for heavy equipment and oversize tires.
Metal Place next to green box
located at green box area.
White Goods Place in to green box marked Metal. The box is located in at the green box site.
Food must be removed from refrigerators. $20.00/ton
Shingles Place shingles in the C&D landfill cell   $38.00/ton
Concrete/Asphalt Adjacent to the active C&D landfill cell   $40.00/ton
Electronics Inside green electronics box located at the green box site. Cannot accept electronics from businesses. It is unlawful to harvest the precious metals from TVs. TVs should be whole and unbroken if possible. $20.00/ton
Mobile Homes C&D Landfill Cell   $50.00/ton
Refrigeration Items  Place all items containing refrigeration or freon gas in the wood fenced in area at the green box site. Refrigerator, freezers, A/C units $20.00/ton