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York Forward 2035 - York County's Comprehensive Plan

On July 18, 2016, the York County Council approved the York Forward 2035 Comprehensive Plan. A Comprehensive Plan is best described as a guide to the County's future. It informs current and future decision makers where they are now, where they want to go, how they intend to get there, and who will help them along the way. The Comprehensive Plan provides the basis for York County's regulations and policies that guide its physical development. The plan establishes priorities for public action and direction for complementary private decisions.

An important and overarching component of this planning effort was an inclusionary public engagement process. Understanding community values today ensures that this Plan, implemented in accordance with the recommendations, supports and advances those priorities over the long term. The effort was guided by an Advisory Committee appointed by County Council. Interviews with local stakeholders verified and supplemented the feedback received directly from citizens and property owners. Seven community meetings were held throughout the County to provide an opportunity to learn about the project, refine the goals and provide comments on the plan's components. Finally a project website was established as an additional opportunity for residents to access information and provide comments.

The plan discusses opportunities and issues York County faces as it manages the rapid pace of growth while preserving the rural character of western area of York County. The Plan includes goals and strategies that address land use, economic development, housing, natural resources, cultural resources, community facilities and transportation.

Comprehensive Plan Update - 2022

On March 6, 2023, the York County Council approved the update of York Forward. The process to develop an updated plan included a coordinated review of each goal and strategy with the Planning Commission. A series of community-wide open house meetings were held to define the purpose of each element, to recognize achievements made over the past five years, and to show proposed amendments. The effort resulted in a Plan that is relevant to current conditions, addressed changing needs of the community, and identified new key programs and partners to facilitate growth management initiatives. 

Associated Area Plans 

The Comprehensive Plan is refined through Area Plans that focus on specific areas with unique challenges. Once adopted, an area plan becomes a component of the Comprehensive Plan.