Forever Commission

Preserving Our Past & Protecting Our Future

Over time, the loss of open space, population growth, and infringing development led to increasing citizen concern that York County's picturesque scenery and cherished way of life were vanishing.  Faced with the need to manage growth responsibly, protect exceptional resources, and preserve unique character, York County Council created the York County Forever Commission (YCF) in 1998, to serve as the county's land conservation organization.  YCF was charged with the mission of promoting and protecting significant natural, cultural, historic, and environmental resources.

Conservation Projects

Through acquisition, purchase of development rights, and conservation easements, YCF has assisted in the preservation of approximately 10,583 acres of unique York County resources, including the following properties.

  • Riverbend Property- This 1900 acre site is found at the bend of the Catawba River, east of Rock Hill. A former Bowater research site, the property possesses several hundred acres of mature long-leaf pines with several ponds and fields.  
  • Kirsh Wildlife Management Area - Over 600 acres of natural and scenic open space, located near Sharon.  Managed by South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, the property is open daily for a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities.
  • Nanny's Mountain - This 92 acre monadnock in the Clover area offers unique views of the surrounding area and is also the site of Revolutionary War era iron ore mines.
  • White Home - One of the oldest homes in Rock Hill, the restored property is open for tours and special events.
  • Worth Mountain - Located on the Broad River, this 1,647 acre site is managed by South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and is open to the public for hunting, fishing, hiking, and other passive recreational activities.

Why Should We Preserve Our Resources?

Economic Benefits

  • Increase Property Values
  • Attract New Business & Industry
  • Reduce Cost of Services
  • Stimulate Local Economy
Environmental Benefits

  • Pollution Control
  • Floodplain-Stormwater Management
  • Protect Wildlife & Vegetation
Community Benefits

  • Promote Healthy Lifestyle
  • Provide Low-Cost Recreation
  • Manage Growth Responsibly
  • Improve Quality of Life

The Resource Newsletter

For the latest in Commission and conservation news, download recent issues of the YCF quarterly newsletter.

York County Forever Commissioners

One Commissioner is appointed by York County Council from each of the 7 council districts.  Commissioners are appointed to 3 year terms and are eligible to serve 2 consecutive terms.  Representatives from Nation Ford Land Trust and the Culture & Heritage Commission also serve as ex-officio Commissioners.

York County Forever Commissioners' Terms of Office

Commissioner District Date Appointed Term Expires
Nichol Druckemiller
(Vice Chair)
1 April 5, 2018 1rst April 4, 2021
Vacant 2   2nd  
Donny Mitchell 3 June 17, 2019 1rst June 21, 2022
Vacant 4      
Johnny Walker
5 February 23, 2017 1rst February 18, 2021
Lindsay Walker (Chairman) 6 August 18, 2015 2nd August 17, 2021
Creighton Hayes 7 April 2, 2018 1rst April 1, 2021
Carey Tilley Ex-officio Cultural & Heritage Commission   February 17, 2021
Steve Hamilton Ex-officio Nation Ford Land Trust   June 21,2022

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