Apparatus Maintenance & Fabrication


York County Fire manufactures several of the fire apparatus used in the York County Fire Service. In-house construction of these fire trucks results in significant savings for York County taxpayers. (Approximately 45% to 50% cost savings over commercially manufactured trucks).
Service Truck


3 different types of trucks are manufactured in-house: 3,000 gallon water tankers, 4-wheel drive grass/brush trucks and equipment service trucks. Having the ability to build these trucks in-house not only provides a cost savings but also provides standardization of these trucks. Every fire department in the York County Fire Service has received a tanker, a grass/brush truck, and a service/equipment truck.

Repair & Maintenance

York County Fire is responsible for the repair, maintenance and routine service of approximately 110 fire trucks. This includes:
  • Annual service
  • Any installation of equipment
  • Break downs
  • Modifications
  • Repairs and pump tests