Rezoning & Planned Developments

Rezoning, What is it?

Zoning regulations are the rules that determine how parcels of land may be used. When owners want to develop or use their property in ways that do not conform to their current zoning regulations, they must apply for a change to their zoning classification, also commonly referred to as a Rezoning.
To better facilitate the process, it is required that petitioners meet with Planning Department staff before submitting an application to discuss what specific information will be required with the application, how the application fits with the comprehensive plan, the community and existing development patterns in the area.

The Rezoning Process: 

  • Meet with County Planning Staff;
  • Submit a signed application, site plan, deed, plat/survey, Transportation Impact Analysis (if deemed required) and filing fee;
  • Application reviewed by Planning staff;
  • Recommendation in the form of a staff report and TIA findings report is presented to the Planning Commission;
  • Planning Commission holds Public Meeting (Not a Public Hearing) and provides recommendation to County Council;
  • County Council holds first reading (No public testimony);
  • Public Notice is provided in the form of a newspaper add in the Rock Hill Herald, a sign is posted; on the property, and mailings to all property owners within 500 feet, no less than 15 days prior to public hearing;
  • County Council holds second reading and Public Hearing;
  • County Council holds third and final reading (No public testimony); and,
  • Final Ordinance is signed and mailed to the applicant. 
Applications for a rezoning may be submitted at anytime, however, the submittal deadline is the first Monday, or in the case of a holiday(s), the first workday of the month.  The following is a typical rezoning schedule.

Please note: if the TIA has not received SCDOT and Staff approval prior to the Council Agenda deadline or if other unforeseen issues should arise during the review process, all dates will be subject to change:

Planned Development District

The Planned Development District (PD) encourages flexibility in land development in order to improve the character, design, and quality of new mixed-use developments. The Planned Development intends to maximize development opportunity while conserving resources, namely open space.  The documents provided within this page are designed to assist the development community in preparing a Planned Development. These documents are also intended to assist the general public in a comprehensive understanding of the Planned Development District.

If you have questions or need more information regarding any step of the rezoning process, contact the Planning Services Division office at (803) 909-7220.