What is rezoning?

Zoning districts are designed to place compatible land uses together while separating land uses that may have adverse impacts on each other. As areas transition over time, it may be necessary to change the zoning district of a property to allow development that may have not been previously compatible with the area. The public process to change a zoning district is called rezoning.

The Rezoning Process 

To better facilitate the process, we ask that applicants contact Planning Division staff before submitting a rezoning application in order to discuss application requirements and consistency of the request with the comprehensive plan and the surrounding area. The steps below detail the rezoning process.

  • Applicant contacts or meets with planning staff to discuss proposal
  • Applicant submits a signed application, deed, plat/survey, sketch plan and fee;
  • Staff reviews the application for completeness;
  • Staff presents rezoning case with a recommendation to the Planning Commission;
  • The Planning Commission holds a public meeting (not a public hearing) and makes a recommendation to County Council;
  • Staff provides public notice in the following forms no less than 15 days prior to public hearing: a newspaper ad in the Rock Hill Herald, a sign posted on the property, and postcards mailed to all property owners within 500 feet;
  • County Council holds Public Hearing and first reading;
  • County Council holds second reading (no public testimony);
  • County Council holds third and final reading (no public testimony); and
  • Staff mails a signed approval letter to the applicant. 
Applications for a rezoning may be submitted at anytime; however, the submittal deadline is the first Monday of the month, or the following workday when Monday is a holiday (see calendar below).  

The rezoning process requires a minimum of 90 days. The process may be delayed due to an incomplete application, unforeseen circumstances, or at the applicant's request to defer the rezoning.

For further information, contact the Planning Division office at (803) 909-7220.

Rezoning Application

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