Master in Equity


This office conducts judicial sales of real property involved in actions of foreclosure or partition.  Generally, sales are conducted on the first Monday of every month, but there are exceptions. Please check the online sale rosters for more details. Sale rosters are posted online approximately three weeks prior to the sale date. The rosters are subject to change, so please check daily. Click HERE to access the sales rosters. 

All bidders must be registered with the Court, and should read our Frequently Asked Questions “FAQs” section before participating in a sale. 

 Please send all inquiries regarding foreclosure sales by email to [email protected]

 If you need to schedule a hearing, trial or other matter please email Robin Krecek at [email protected].

THIS OFFICE DOES NOT HANDLE DELINQUENT TAX SALES. For information regarding TAX SALES, please contact the York County Tax Office by email at [email protected], or call 803-909-7272. 


To hear and decide all non-jury civil cases referred by the Circuit Court or Clerk of Court, and to conduct judicial sales of real estate.