Master in Equity



In an effort to comply with restrictions as ordered by the South Carolina Supreme Court, not all foreclosure sales will be scheduled at the usual day and time (first Monday of the month at 11:00AM). Each sale will be given a separate date and time which will result in sales being held throughout the month. There will be no sales held on Monday, July 6, 2020. Foreclosure sales for the month of July will be held starting Wednesday, July 15, 2020 and thereafter. Please click the link(s) toward the bottom right to access sales rosters. Rosters are posted online approximately two weeks prior to the sale date. There will be a separate link for each day of sales. The rosters are subject to change, so please check daily.

Only those persons who have registered with the Office of the Master in Equity prior to the sale will be allowed into the courtroom to bid on a property. If you have purchased a property through this office in the past, you may already be registered. Those who do not intend to register and place a bid must remain outside the courthouse. All other changes in procedure will be announced at the sale. Masks may be worn, but are not required. Other measures will be taken to help minimize risks to the public, lawyers and court employees.

For more information about the sales roster, or to inquire about early registration or your registration status, please contact Terra Rose by email at or by phone at (803) 628-3930.

If your action has been referred to Equity Court, you may request to schedule a hearing, sale or other matter by emailing Robin Krecek at

 For the latest orders, memos and statements issued by the South Carolina Supreme Court, click HERE.


To hear and decide all non-jury civil cases in the County, and to conduct judicial sales of real estate.


  • Hear and decide civil cases where a jury trial has been waived or is not permitted as a matter of right.
  • Hear and decide motions in civil cases which are set for a jury trial.
  • Hear appeals from administrative boards of the County and municipalities in the County, the Probate Court, the Magistrate's Courts decisions in civil cases, and appeals from administrative agencies such as the Workers Compensation Commission, the Employment Security Commission and other agencies.
  • Hear and decide mortgage foreclosure cases.
  • Prepare and post on the County website foreclosure sale information.
  • Conduct and process mortgage foreclosure sales.
  • Hear and decide motions or other proceedings involving enforcement of judgments, settlements in cases of wrongful death or involving minors.
  • Hear and decide all cases requesting special remedies.

This Office Does Not:

  • We do not hear any matters pertaining to criminal cases.
  • We do not prepare for the public any legal documents pertaining to cases which may be heard by the Equity Court, such as for enforcement or collection of judgments, for eviction of persons from property, or for civil appeals.
  • We do not give legal advice of any kind to the public concerning any case which may be heard by the Equity Court.
  • We do not have any responsibility in connection with properties being sold for delinquent taxes, including tax sale procedure or process, or the sales of such properties. If you are interested in information about delinquent tax sales, please call 803-909-7272.
  • We do not perform any function related to examining title to or the inspection of mortgage foreclosure properties.
  • We do not perform any functions relating to estates or probate matters.