Animal Bites

Reporting Animal Bites

If you are the victim or the owner of an animal who has bitten or scratched someone, contact the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control at 803-909-7379 immediately. The health department is responsible for recording such incidents in York County.

If the bite or scratch occurs during normal working hours, call the health department at 803-909-7379 or Animal Control at 803-628-3190.

To report such instances after hours or on weekends, call the health department's emergency number at 803-329-1110.


Any pet or other animal which has bitten a person must be confined for a period of at least ten days at the owner's expense. The health department or the animal control officer shall be permitted by the owner of the pet or animal to examine the animal at anytime within the ten-day period of confinement to determine whether the animal shows symptoms of rabies.

Do not destroy the animal because it may be needed to complete a rabies test.

All animal bites and scratches, regardless of whether from a household pet or wild animal, should be reported because cases of rabies have been confirmed in York County.

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