Animal Abuse

It is unlawful to knowingly or intentionally overload, overdrive, overwork, ill-treat any animal, deprive any animal of necessary sustenance or shelter, inflict unnecessary pain or suffering upon any animal, or by omission or commission knowingly or intentionally cause these things to be done.

An animal owner/keeper must provide:
  • Constant access to a supply of clean, fresh, and potable water.
  • Adequate food provisions at suitable intervals of quantities of wholesome foodstuff suitable for the species and age, sufficient to maintain a reasonable level of nutrition to allow for proper growth and weight.
  • Adequate shelter that reasonably may be expected to protect the animal from physical suffering or impairment of health due to exposure to the elements or adverse weather. The enclosed structure must be free of urine and fecal matter and provide space for the animal to stand, turn, and lay down. 
If you wish to report a case of animal cruelty or neglect, please call the York County Animal Shelter at 803-628-3190

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