Technical Services & Radio Communications

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Radio System

In February 2007, York County implemented a state-of-the-art 800 MHz digital two-way radio, mobile data, and alpha-numeric paging wireless radio network for emergency responders, County government, and York County municipalities. This interoperable system replaced numerous "independent" and disparate radio systems that were antiquated, unreliable, and would not allow different agencies to communicate with each other. The 800 MHz radio network allows all emergency services in York County to operate on a single radio system that provides superior county-wide coverage. York County maintains a contract with Motorola Solutions for the management and maintenance of the system


When the Department of Public Safety Communications was created, all of the responsibilities for the radio system were consolidated. These responsibilities include:
  • Managing day to day operations of the radio system.
  • Administer the contract between York County and Motorola Solutions for system management and maintenance.
  • Ensure access and operation of the radio system to paid and volunteer fire, Emergency Medical Services, Rescue, law enforcement agencies, County Government, municipalities, state and federal agencies, with over 10,000 in-car and handheld radios.
  • Ensure access and operation of the mobile data network for the Sheriff's Office and Public Works for over 200 mobile data devices.
  • Ensure proper operation of the 900 MHz alpha-numeric paging system with over 900 pagers assigned to EMS / Rescue, fire, and other County personnel for 24 hour notification capability.
  • Coordinate with the 800 MHz Radio System User's Group to develop operational policies and procedures.
  • Provide training to system users.
  • Maintain an emergency cache of radio equipment for deployment during emergencies and to support public safety events in York County.
  • Manage all Federal Communications Commission Licensing for York County Government.
  • Integrate and manage technology for use by emergency responders.
  • Support and maintain electronics, information technology, and communications system for the 911 Communications Center.

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