The C-Funds and Critical Needs Programs

York County C-Fund Program

The C-Fund Program is a long-established partnership between the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) and the forty-six counties in the state to fund the improvements of state roads, county roads, city streets, and other local transportation projects.

Funding is derived from a 2.99 cents per gallon of gasoline user fee that is apportioned to York County from the total amount of C-Funds collected statewide, based on these criteria:

  • one-third based on the ratio of land area in York County compared to the land area in the state
  • one-third based on the ratio of York County population (as determined by the latest 10-year census) compared to the state's population
  • one-third based on the ratio of rural road mileage in York County compared to total rural mileage in the state

York County Critical Needs Program

The Critical Needs Program was established by the County Council to address the improvement and preservation of our county-maintained, paved roads.  It is funded through the General Fund.

Submit a Paving Request

Submit a York County C-Fund Resurfacing and Paving Request

Image of a paving operation in progress