Information Technology

Mission Statement

The mission of the York County Information Technology Department is to promote informed decision making and to improve County efficiency by providing the citizens and employees of York County the best informational resources that are economically feasible through existing and emerging technologies. 


The Information Technology Department supports all information technology initiatives for York County Government. York County is making the necessary investments in Information Technology and software, which through careful planning, cooperative business and technical execution will provide its citizens with a return on investment in the form of improved services. The initiatives below have been established to help the department to focus in performing its functions of developing and maintaining current information technology systems, providing a technology infrastructure and customer service support to County agencies and other Information Technology users..


  • Day to day operation of all personal computers including repairs, optimization, and software
  • Server, data network, software management, and support
  • Telephone services management and support
  • Website development and support
  • Technology planning
  • Application / Software development
  • Technology procurement
  • Long range technology planning
  • Coordinate and manage all GIS users and services
  • Records Management services


  • Initiative 1: Deliver timely and effective responses to our customers through teamwork.
  • Initiative 2: Provide vision, and leadership for evaluating emerging technologies and implementing proven information technology solutions.
  • Initiative 3: Provide citizens, the business community and County staff with convenient access to appropriate information and services through technology.
  • Initiative 4: Work with County agencies to improve business operations by thoroughly understanding business needs to conduct County business operations today and in the future.
  • Initiative 5: Effectively communicate information about plans, projects, and achievements to County staff.
  • Initiative 6: Develop and maintain technically skilled staff who are competent in current and emerging information technology and a user community that understands modern technologies to maximize business benefits.
  • Initiative 7: Ensure effective technical and fiscal management of the Department's operations, resources, technology projects and contracts.