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Public Works

Heavy Equipment excavating a roadway


The Public Works Department is comprised of eight divisions that fall under the direction of the Public Works Director and Assistant Director.
Each division provides an important service to the citizens of York County and contributes to the quality of life experienced by those who live in our county.

We believe that by working together, we become empowered and are able to meet the goals set for our department.


  • Maintains roads under the County's jurisdiction
  • Manufactures and installs street name signs and traffic control signs
  • Operates a construction, demolition, and land clearing debris landfill
  • Operates a prison facility
  • Operates a recycling separation center for processing of recyclable materials
  • Operates sixteen collection & recycling centers strategically located across York County
  • Provides animal care and control services for York County
  • Provides disposal services for municipal solid waste (household garbage)
  • Provides water and sewer service within the County's service area
  • Maintains and cleans County-owned facilities and grounds.
  • Maintains and repairs County-owned vehicles and equipment.

This Office Does Not

  • Does not have the authority to waive fees without County Council approval.
  • Does not maintain roads located in cities and towns
  • Does not maintain stoplights or signalization
  • Does not provide animal control services for horses or livestock
  • Does not provide curbside garbage collection
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