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Tax Collection Disclaimer

The data/information provided on this site reflects the overage information relative to tax sales conducted for the parcels listed regarding a specific tax year. Tax sales are conducted by York County on the first Monday in October for delinquencies from the prior tax year. Under South Carolina law, should the tax sale produce more cash than the full amount due in taxes, assessments, penalties, and costs, the overage must first be applied to any outstanding municipal tax liens on the property. Any remaining overage amount belongs to the owner of record immediately before the end of the redemption period to be claimed or assigned according to law. If the overage amount is neither claimed nor assigned within five years of date of public auction tax sale, the overage shall escheat to the general fund of the governing body.

Please be advised that York County Council has enacted Ordinance number 2109 by which York County implemented county privacy policies and procedures which limit the collection of personal information to that required by York County, its agencies, boards, commissions, institutions, departments, officials and employees in order to fulfill a legitimate public purpose. The York County Ordinance is intended to protect citizens from an unreasonable invasion of privacy and the release or dissemination of personal information which identifies or describes an individual including name, home address, telephone number, financial status, account or identification numbers and other categories of protected information except for a legitimate public purpose. Consequently, no names and addresses are provided in this listing. Additionally, the listings contained herein represent the limits of disclosure under the York County Privacy Ordinance. York County employees and staff cannot conduct research for those seeking data/information not specified herein.

Furthermore, while York County seeks to provide accurate information contained on this site, York County, South Carolina government does not warrant the accuracy of the displayed information.

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