The mission of the York County Procurement Department is to safeguard the quality and integrity of the procurement system, maximize the purchasing value of public funds, and provide fair and equitable treatment to all involved in public procurement by York County.


The Procurement Department is responsible for enforcing York County's procurement code of ordinance, that was approved and ratified by the York County Council on September 4, 1979. The Procurement Department:

  • Consolidates purchases of like or common items
  • Deals fairly with all potential sources of supply
  • Establishes and administers purchasing policies
  • Obtains fair prices for materials, equipment, supplies, and services
  • Obtains goods and services in an efficient and business like manner
Generally defined, the Procurement Department promotes meaningful cost savings while coordinating purchasing, and contracting procedures for York County.


In government, every transaction between a buyer and seller involving the transfer of property is considered a legal contract. Some contracts are simply composed and others are subject to written agreements that define terms, materials, methods of payment, and other contractual conditions. 

For these reasons, the authority and responsibility of purchasing goods and services for York County rests solely with the Procurement Department. Therefore, this places the responsibility on those who have the interest and skill to do the work properly and whose primary concern is in the performance of this responsibility.

Policies & Procedures

As a guideline, purchasing policies and procedures have been set into place to standardize the procurement of goods and services for all departments under the administer of York County government.


  • Consolidate requisitions and purchase of like, or common items to obtain the maximum economical benefit and cost savings, and explore the possibilities of buying in bulk to take full advantage of quantity discounts.
  • Develop purchasing objectives, policies, programs and procedures for the purchase and contract of all materials, supplies, equipment and services.
  • Ensure that the County buys only from suppliers who are financially stable, have exhibited high ethical standards, have a record of adhering to York County purchasing standards/policies, and maintains shipping promises and provides a full measure of service.
  • Establish and maintain a standard purchase and contract procedure for the County.
  • Explore the market place for new sources, products and materials.
  • Handle complaints regarding purchases/products and negotiating for the return of disputed merchandise and/or other settlements.
  • Manage the County's fixed assets to include arranging for disposal through surplus auction sales.
  • Prepare and create specifications and technical requirements in cooperation with the departments, which are subsequently included in vendor price solicitation through: Invitations to Bid, Requests for Proposals, and/or Requests for Quotations.
  • Prepare and maintain a vendor commodity list to include vendor general information, vendor history, commodities provided, and cultural (minority, female, etc.) status.
  • Work with all departments to establish standardization of materials, supplies, and equipment when determined practicable and advantageous.
  • Administer the County's Purchase Card Program.

This Department Does Not

  • Have authority over services provided by other county departments
  • Have the authority to pay invoices
  • Maintain financial records for York County government