Public Safety Divisions


To lead the county’s all-hazards comprehensive emergency management public safety program through planning, preparedness, response, recovery, mitigation and prevention.


The Public Safety Programs Division is responsible for developing and maintaining all of the county's emergency plans and procedures, such as the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). Coordinates with local schools, daycares and healthcare facilities to ensure their emergency plans are comprehensive and meet required guidelines. We conduct training for emergency responders of all emergency service disciplines. Maintain database for SARA Title III, TIER II report forms.

About the Emergency Operations Center

In emergency situations, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) provides resources to support on-scene emergency operations. The day-to-day office staff of emergency management are also given the responsibility of monitoring any developing natural and man-made situations and making the appropriate emergency notifications.

In larger scale emergencies, the EOC is activated and representatives from county, municipal, and state departments gather to coordinate response and recovery activities. The York County EOC is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to assist in information gathering, assessment, and public notification. 

Center Tasks

Specific tasks performed by the EOC before, during and after an event include the following:
  • Situation Assessment
  • Emergency Planning and Training
  • Consequence Management
  • Multi-agency Coordination
  • Executive Decision Making
  • Public Information Briefings
  • Resource Management
  • On-Scene Management and Coordination
  • Recovery Operations