County Manager's Office

The Council-Manager form of Government is a form of local government in which the county council appoints a professional public administrator to implement policies and direct the work of the county. York County residents approved the Council Manager form of Government by referendum in 1977.


The Manager is hired by the York County Council to serve as the County's Chief Administrative Officer. Therefore, the Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of County Government; as well as, the following:

  • Directs and coordinates activities of York County Government
  • Executes policies, businesses, directives and legislative actions of Council
  • Informs Council of anticipated revenues, etc., including taxes, other governments and community groups
  • Prepares reports for Council on finances and administrative activities
  • Supervise the spending of County funds as directed by Council or in accordance with the approved County budget
  • Presents annual budget requests to Council for approval
  • Responds to requests for information or assistance from individuals
  • Works with York County's elected officials in reaching common goal