Decision to Incorporate Potassium Iodide

What Kinds of Things Should States Consider in Deciding Whether to Incorporate the Use of Potassium Iodide in Their Emergency Planning?

Considerations to be evaluated by the State and local authorities in deciding whether to institute a program for the use of potassium iodide by the general public include the following:
  • Whether potassium iodide should be distributed to the general population before an accident occurs or as soon as possible after an accident occurs?
  • Whether the risks of exposure to radioactivity will be lower if the evacuation of the general population is initiated (with or without the use of potassium iodide) or if the general population is sheltered and the administration of potassium iodide initiated?
  • How potassium iodide will be distributed during an emergency?
  • What assumptions should be made about its actual availability and use in the event of an incident if potassium iodide is pre-distributed?
  • What medical assistance will be available for the individuals who may have some adverse reaction to potassium iodide?
  • How medical authorities will advise the population to take potassium iodide and under what circumstances this advice will be given, i.e., methods for public education, information, and instruction?
  • How the authorities will provide potassium iodide to transient populations?