Blasting Permits

York County Blasting Permits are issued by the Office of State Fire Marshal

Permit Valid Until
Address District
Jan 10, 2019
400 block of Wrenpalce Rd, Fort Mill SC
(off of Deerfield Dr)
Flint Hill Fire
Jan 30, 2019
500 block of Cel-River Rd, Rock Hill SC
Rock Hill Fire
Mar 03, 2019
100 block of Hunter Oaks Ln, Fort Mill SC
Fort Mill Fire
Jul 01, 2019
991 Hawkfield Rd, Rock Hill SC
Martin Marietta Rock Hill Quarry
Lesslie Fire
Aug 01, 2019
485 True Rd, McConnells SC  (Lowrys Quarry)
McConnells Fire
Oct 11, 2018
900 block of Church Rd, Rock Hill SC
continuing south across undeveloped property ending near Floyd Rd, Rock Hill SC 
Lesslie Fire
Oct 19, 2018
2500 block of Old Nation Rd, Fort Mill SC
Fort Mill Fire
Oct 24, 2018
2800 block of Vistawood Rd, Rock Hill SC
(Pursley Property running along the Burgis Creek)
Lesslie Fire
Oct 25, 2018
1900 block of Suttonview Rd, Fort Mill SC
Fort Mill Fire
Oct 30, 2018
1300 block of E Highway 55, Clover SC
Clover Fire
Nov 04, 2018
2300 block of Paddlers Cove Dr, Clover SC
Bethel Fire