High Mileage & Vehicle Value Appeals

High Mileage

If you have high miles on your vehicle, you may be eligible for a reduction on your taxes according to the High Mileage Chart published by the South Carolina Department of Revenue. An Odometer Statement (PDF) is provided for your convenience on this site. You will need to complete this statement and email, fax, mail, or bring it to the Auditor's Office to find out if you are eligible. In order to have your tax bill adjusted, you must submit your odometer statement on or before the tax due date. After this date, you lose your right to appeal.

Other Appeals Accepted

Please contact our office for additional appeal options. If there is a significant difference in the appealed value you submit and the value we billed, we may request additional information in order to adjust your bill. We are required by law to use the vehicle values provided by the South Carolina Department of Revenue. The original bill you receive is based on those values provided. If you appeal your vehicle value this year, we will not automatically reduce your value next year based on that appeal. We will continue to use the values provided by the South Carolina Department of Revenue. As a result, you will need to file an appeal each year.

Any appeals you make to reduce the value of your vehicle must be made on or before the tax due date on your bill (if submitted on tax due date, must be received during working hours). You can appeal in person, by email, fax, or mail. If an appeal is submitted on the tax due date and you want to pay online, keep in mind our website updates over night so the adjusted bill will not show up until the next day causing your payment to be late. If you owe a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) fee and you pay late, you will be required to go to the DMV office to pick up your decal and registration and pay a late fee. After the due date, you lose your right to appeal. If you choose to mail in your appeal, you must send it to the Auditor's Office:
P.O. Box 25
York, SC 29745.

The return envelope enclosed with your tax bill is addressed to the York County Treasurer. If you mail your appeal to that address, we may not receive it and you may incur penalties from the Department of Motor Vehicles for late registration as a result.