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Flying Drone PIO Office

Working For You

We'll keep you updated on the latest information here in York County. Check out some of our videos that our Public Information Team has put together to keep you informed. Remember you can always find us on our social media channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube If want a full list of our videos click here.

York County One Map

A good map can show you a lot. A GIS map can show you even more. We've overhauled our GIS MAP to give you even more information. This map has new features. Watch our video to see what the new changes are and click here to view York County One Map.

TNR Program

Over the last four years In York County an estimated 20,000 unwanted cats were never born thanks to a critical program at York County Animal Services. We wanted to bring some attention to both the great work of our staff and volunteers there, and the serious issue of animal over population. Watch the video for details!

Need A Passport?

You may have heard about nationwide delays getting a passport. We’re talking about a record 500,000 applications a week. Here locally, the York County Passport Office is working to make your visit easier. 

16th Circuit Solicitor Sit-Down

Together, these four men represent six decades of working for the victims of crime, putting criminals in prison, and fighting to make sure innocent families get justice.  We sat down with the current 16th Circuit Solicitor Kevin Brackett, and three men who held the position going all the way back to the 1960s.  William ‘Red’ Ferguson, Larry Grant, and Tommy Pope. It was a great experience talking with these guys and putting this video together. 

Pennies 101

Buckle up for this one!  Ever wonder how streets are chosen for Pennies For Progress projects?  Who chooses them? How you can be involved? Check out Pennies 101 for the answers. Right here! 

State Roads Vs County Roads

Potholes, cracks, damaged pavement, clogged storm drains. Who do you call when the road outside your home needs attention? It may not be who you'd think. Check out our video and these links to find out Road Maintenance and GIS Online Search.

Government YES & NO

New to York County? Not sure on what your local government does and doesn't do? Hope this helps...and makes you laugh.

Landfill Unsecured Loads

Hate Litter? Most of it isn't intentionally thrown out but falls from trucks. It's still litter though. We were shocked to learn how many people show up at the landfill with completely wide open, unsecured trash and debris. York County is trying to tackle the problem, but we need your help.

Are You Paying Too Much?

Own a house? There is one very easy step that many people don't do that could be costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars more in property tax. Take a look...

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