YC Force Main-Fort Mill Section

1. Why is this pipeline being built?

This is a new sewer force main (a pressurized transmission line) that is running from a new regional pump station above Steele Creek to the Rock Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant.  This line is replacing a smaller, existing force main that runs along Highway 21.  Growth in the northeast section of the county and north Fort Mill required the county to upsize and upgrade the sewer line along with the pump station.

2. Where will this new sewer line be going in Fort Mill?

This section (Phase 2) of the 30” sewer line will run beside Dye Creek Branch from Highway 21 to Spratt Street.

3. When can we expect actual construction to begin?

  • Clearing of the easements and pipe delivery will begin in late August or early September 2022.  Pipe will be laid out along the site soon after.
  • Actual pipe Installation and the road bores are scheduled to start in early to mid-September.  

4. Why was this route along Dye Creek chosen?

After evaluating several different routes, this one proved to be the most desirable for many reasons, but primarily because there were already two easements along the creek that allowed space for this line.  Due to development and planned highway improvements, we are not able to run  the new sewer line along Highway 21.


5. Which neighborhoods, areas and streets will be directly impacted by this phase of the construction?

  • Walden Park Subdivision
  • Somerton Drive
  • Creekside Crossing Subdivision
  • Dogwood Lane 
  • Harris Street
  • Sharon Hills Subdivision
  • Old Orchard Subdivision
  • Townes at River Crossing Subdivision

6. Will this construction cause Somerton Drive, Harris Street or Spratt Street to be closed, or result in detours?

There will be short (a few minutes) closures to relocate equipment or materials.   However, the pipe installation under these roads will be done by boring under the road, which does not require road closures.

7. How long will the construction last?

  • Construction in any one area will last two to three weeks.  
  • The entire installation should be over by the end of January, 2023.

8. What will the hours of construction be?

Work will occur Monday through Friday, approximately 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. There will be no weekend work unless there is an emergency issue or repair that requires immediate attention. 

9. What noise or interruptions should we expect?

  • Heavy equipment, work trucks and dump trucks, along with construction personnel should be expected along the corridor.  They can be loud!
  • During the early weeks of the construction, the clearing crew will be removing trees and undergrowth from the easement.
  • During installation of the pipe, the noise will come from the heavy equipment used to install the pipe.    
  • If the weather is dry, it may get dusty. When it rains, it may be muddy in places. 
  • The contractor will keep the roads cleaned off.   

10. Will there be erosion control measures to keep mud and sediment out of Dye Creek Branch?

  • Yes, our design team has put together an extensive erosion control plan that has been reviewed and approved by the Town of Fort Mill Stormwater Department.  
  • The erosion control measures will be put in place after the clearing is completed and will then be inspected regularly by town staff.  
  • Erosion control measures must be installed and approved before any digging or pipe installation can occur.  

11. Whom do I contact if I have more questions or concerns?

You need to contact Barry McKinnon, Utility Program Manager for York County, with the York County Engineering Department

Watch our video for more information