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Rain Barrels

About Rain Barrels

 A rain barrel is a used to harvest the rain water that drains off your roof to water your plants, flowers and gardens. Rain water that falls onto your roof usually flow through your yard, washes into the street and eventually flows into the storm drainage system. By collecting this water, you are able to use this water to irrigate your plants, flowers and gardens. Rain barrels can also be arranged to slowly release the collected rain fall to areas that can soak up the water, reducing storm water runoff and increasing groundwater recharge.


  • Rain barrels conserve water and help lower costs (a rain barrel can save approximately 1,300 gallons of water during peak summer months).
  • Rain barrels reduce water pollution by reducing storm water runoff, which can contain pollutants like sediment, oil, grease, bacteria and nutrients.
  • The good news is that rain barrels are inexpensive, easy to install and easy to operate and maintain. Ready-made rain barrels can be purchased from local suppliers or online.
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Some Useful Information:

  • As the water collected in the rain barrel is coming off a roof, into gutters and down downspouts, it is not considered to be "drinkable" or potable water.
  • Remember, birds and animals are also on the roof. So, water from the roof can contain bacteria and other disease-causing organisms from bird and other animal waste that might be on the roof.
  • How you use this water in your garden and the type of plants you use it on is an important consideration. Rain barrel water is fine if used to water non - edible plants - like flowers or lawns.


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