Storm Drain Marking


What is Storm Drain Marking

York County Storm Drain Marking program is a volunteer based program where individuals, groups, and organizations can help mark storm drains in their community with badges to help others realize whatever goes down that drain can end up in our waterways. 

Why is Storm Drain Marking Important

Our storm water infrastructure helps transport rain water to our streams, lakes, ponds, and rivers. When anything other than storm water enters these systems it can cause contamination of our waterways and/or clogs that could result in flooding. It is important that citizens know only rain belongs in the storm drainThat is why York County started the Storm Drain Marking program.  

Fact: Stormwater is not treated! That means that whatever enters our storm drains and/or drainage ditches is not filtered and and ends up in our waterways.

Why you should get involved

As with all other York County Stormwater volunteer programs you, your family, organization, or group can take pride in knowing you have personally contributed to the betterment of your community. You can help make others aware that our storm water is not filtered and help reduce the possibility of contaminants going down our storm drains. 

How you can get involved

  1. Determine the area where you would like to mark the storm drains.
  2. Determine the number of storm drains in that area.
  3. Contact York County’s Stormwater to discuss the details 
  4. Receive all materials, brought to you by York County Stormwater 
  5. Mark the drain(s)

All supplies are free and will be provided by York County Stormwater 

Storm drain marking
Storm Drain Marker