Scoop the Poop

Dog ownership can provide lots of love and companionship for a person or family. Walking a dog provides great exercise for the animal and the owner, but failing to pick up your dog’s waste is not only a public nuisance, it hurts the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the typical dog excretes 0.75 pounds of waste per day—or 274 pounds per year!  Pet waste is full of bacteria, viruses and parasites such as E.coli, fecal coliform, and roundworms. When pet waste is left on the curb or the side of the road all of the bacteria and viruses in that pet waste are picked up by rain water and washed down the storm drain into the nearest creek, river or lake. This makes the waterways unsafe for humans due to high bacteria levels.

The solution is easy! Scoop the poop and dispose of it properly!

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Pet Waste Stinks! (Clemson Brochure) (PDF)