Launch the EZ Site:

This site was launched in August 2009 and new features are added monthly. For questions or comments regarding this website please e-mail

It was designed for you to get information quickly. Often the desired information may be found here without entering into one of our Dynamic GIS Online Viewers.

Searches may be performed using any of five criteria: address, tax map id #, owner name, subdivision, or road name.

Search Hints:

For all search types (Address, TaxMapID, Owner, Subdivision, and Road) you can press the 'Enter' key rather than click the 'Submit' button. Pressing the 'Tab' key advances the focus to the next logical control (e.g. in address search the street name input box is active by default and by pressing the 'Tab' key the 'Submit' key gets the focus)

Unlike the Interactive search, the EZ search does not have “auto complete” capability.

To search by Address:

Ensure that Address is selected as the search item.

Enter house number and street name only…not the street type (Rd, Dr, St, etc). Example: enter 'white' for White St W. Partial names will be given options (e.g. 'Avery Lake' or 'Avery' for 'aver')

To search by TaxMapID:

Ensure that TaxMapID is selected as the search item.

Enter the complete or a portion of the Tax Map ID number.

To search by Owner:

Ensure that Owner is selected as the search item.

Enter the Owner Name (last name first) or a portion of the name. The more general the information that you enter, the more general will be the result.
Sometimes, you can be too specific.

Do not use any punctuation marks unless they are a part of the name.

For example, “ Doe, John Franklin” will not provide the desired search result because of the comma. The apostrophe in “O’Neal” should be okay.

If you are not certain how the owners name appears on the deed, it’s best to search by only last name or first name.

To search by Subdivision:

Ensure that Subdivision is selected as the search item.

A search by “Oaks” will return “Ashland Oaks”, “Charter Oaks”, “Country Oaks”, “Eastview Oaks”, etc.

A common problem is that a subdivision name is entered as one word, when it should be two. In this case there may not be a name match. By the same token, a name entered as two words will not match when the name is actually spelled as one word.

To search by Road Name:

Ensure that Road Name is selected as the search item.

For a road search enter only the name of the road with no type (e.g. St, Ln, Av).

Enter the road’s full name correctly (e.g. Eastview).

Some names may have more than one common spellings such as Mt Gallant for Mount Gallant, or Flatstone for Flat Stone. If you do not get the result you expect try a variation, such as one word for two, or abbreviation as with the names above.

Once your search has been completed and you wish to continue to the Interactive site you my do so using the link at the bottom of the address report, the parcel report or the road report.

At the bottom of the Address Report and the Parcel Report you will also find links to other reports and other interesting sites.

----- Disclaimer -----

The data provided on this site are prepared for the inventory of real property found within York County and are compiled from recorded plats, deeds, and other public records and data. This data is for informational purposes only and should not be substituted for a true title search, property appraisal survey, or for zoning verification. York County assumes no legal responsibility for the information contained in this data. Map data are based on the South Carolina state plane coordinate system, NAD83.





How do I get a map made of … ?
Use the GIS Online website to zoom to the area in question, add the appropriate map layers, and then print the map.
My property is not drawn correctly; the boundary is drawn on top of my house, what should I do?
There are many variations to this question.  Use the submit problems website to let us know what the issue is.  A representative from the County Tax Assessor's Office will review your inquiry and let you know what actions are taken.
My property is not supposed to look like what is presented when I review it using the GIS Online website.
Always check the officially recorded document for the legal description of the property.  The disclaimer on the GIS web pages describes how the digital drawing of the property boundaries is an approximation of the legal documents.
How do I get historical map of aerial photography?
The county will make available 1970, 1980, and 1990 photos.  A copy will be available for a small fee. Call (803) 684-8570 to schedule an appointment with GIS staff for this service.
How do I obtain digital files of GIS data layers or tax data records?
All GIS layers are available for $400.  This includes more than 20 layers including parcels, addresses, zoning, and streets.  Orthophotography for the 2000 flyover is available for a fee of $100.  Tax Property Records are available as a single text file for $400.