Below are some static maps in PDF and JPG format that you can print out on your own printer. The maps are available to the public, free of charge, when downloaded from this website. All of the maps were created by York County GIS users from various departments and are for informational purposes only. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the maps in .pdf format.

Please reference this documentation to learn more about printing these maps (or to obtain a copy of our GIS data.)




How do I access historical aerial photography?
The Historical Imagery Viewer has aerial photography of York County from 1970, 1980, 1990, and 2000s. Please review the instructions on our blog to learn how to access 1970 and 1980 imagery through the index number for each image. Imagery for other years are not indexed (the images seamlessly cover the whole county) and do not require this extra step. Basic instructions as well as blog links are also provided on the opening page (left panel) of the Historical Imagery Viewer.
My property is not supposed to look like what is presented when I review it using the GIS Online website.
Always check the officially recorded document for the legal description of the property. The disclaimer on the GIS web pages describes how the digital drawing of the property boundaries is an approximation of the legal documents.
My property is not drawn correctly (e.g. the boundary is drawn on top of my house). What should I do?
There are many variations to this question. Use the submit problems website to let us know what the issue is. A representative from the County Tax Assessor's Office will review your inquiry and let you know what actions are taken.
How do I get a map made of …?
Using one of the dynamic map viewers (e.g. Parcel Viewer on the Online Mapping Applications page ) zoom to the area of interest, make the appropriate map layers visible (if not already), and then print the map (click the ‘I want to button’ in the upper left corner of the map then click the ‘Create a printable map’ option). Alternately the Easy Search application could be used to search for a known entity (e.g. address, street, owner, taxmapid) and on the resulting report click on a link to one of the dynamic viewers. For more detailed instructions on printing a map please review our blog on this topic.
How do I obtain digital files of GIS data layers?
Digital data of York County can be downloaded, for free, with either the Data Extraction application or the Data Download site. The Data Extraction application provides a map with a user interface to define of the geographic area to be extracted. A limited number of data layers are available and the output formats include shapefile and AutoCAD (dwg or dxf). The Data Download site provides access to most of the data layers available from York County and each layer covers the entire geographic extents of the county. The download files are shapefiles. For an explanation of data limitations and exceptions as well as instructions and other details concerning downloaded data please look at the GIS Data Download page.