The York County Fire Training Center, York County Department of Fire Safety and the Region 2 Office of the South Carolina Fire Academy have moved to a new facility.

YORK, SC  29745-0082
New Telephone Number:  803-620-2270
New Fax Number:  803-620-2269

New SCFA Telephone Number:  803-628-9140
New SCFA Fax Number:  803-628-9141


The Department of Fire Safety offers residents a wide range of fire prevention and fire protection services. Employees are trained and equipped to provide fire safety inspections, fire investigations, and public fire education programs for people of all ages.

Because volunteers are crucial to the rural fire system, the department supplies the county's 16 volunteer fire departments with in-depth fire fighting instruction at its training facility on McFarland Road in York, SC. Additionally, the department's award-winning fire truck building and maintenance program continues to earn a reputation for excellence by saving tax dollars and by providing state-of-the-art equipment.


  • Conducts routine quarterly fire and life safety inspections for all businesses in the unincorporated area of York County.
  • Conducts plan reviews and occupancy inspections for all new commercial construction projects.
  • Conducts fire investigations to determine origin and cause of suspicious or undetermined fires. Works closely with law enforcement to arrest and prosecute arson suspects.
  • Conducts public fire educations classes in schools and operates the “fire safety house” and “Patches & Pumper” robot for schools, civic groups and public events.
  • Performs routine maintenance, service and repair of all county fire apparatus.
  • Designs, constructs and fabricates fire apparatus for use in the county.
  • Performs annual flow tests and preventive maintenance on all fire hydrants in the unincorporated areas of the county.
  • Performs SCBA annual tests / maintenance and performs annual firefighter fit tests in accordance with OSHA standards.
  • Assists all fire departments with ISO regulations and tests.
  • Operates and maintains the firefighter training center and conducts / coordinates training for all fire departments in the county.
  • Maintains personnel records, insurance information and workman’s compensation information on all volunteer firefighters.
  • Through the Board of Rural Fire Control, provides all necessary apparatus, firefighting equipment, personal protective equipment, training and insurance for firefighters to perform their duties.


What is the ISO rating for my fire district?
Please download the Fire Department ISO Ratings document above.
Where can I obtain a copy of a fire report for a specific incident?
Please contact the fire department that responded to the fire.  You can find contact information by clicking the Fire Stations link above.
Where can I find information about outdoor burning?
Please see the Outdoor Burning Information link above.