Tina Davis
York County Emergency Operations Center
PO Box 12430
149 W Black St
Rock Hill, SC 29730
(803) 326-2300 phone
(803) 329-7429 fax


The information division maintains, manages, and implements the information technology (IT) network for the office: all databases pertaining to 9-1-1 Communications, as well as all Computer-aided Dispatch (CAD) systems that are relied upon by the 9-1-1 Communications Center, York County Sheriff’s Office, and other county departments and municipalities. We also utilize Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technology to support the integrity of correct road placement data and provide accurate response information needed for dispatching police, fire, and medical personnel.


  • Manage the New World System’s CAD and CAD Mapping applications to ensure accurate information is used throughout the county for geographical verification and dispatch of emergency response agencies.
  • Review and approve all new road names and subdivision names for development in York County to avoid road name duplication and eliminate any phonetically alike names in the same emergency response area.
  • Add all new streets that have completed development in the county to a variety of systems throughout the office and other agencies. Provides this information to the correct telephone company (Telco) for 9-1-1 databases, updates the CAD system used by 9-1-1 Communications and the Sheriff’s Office for dispatching purposes, provides this information to all emergency response agencies to include the police departments, fire departments and medical/rescue agencies that serve the citizens of York County.
  • Provide the Security Monitoring Businesses the “York County Alarm Registration Form” as required by county ordinance number 1395. All Residents/Businesses in York County must have their alarm registration on file with York County Office of Emergency Management.
  • Edit and maintain the ORI (Originating Response Identifier) data sets used by 9-1-1 Communications that allow the correct emergency response information to automatically be displayed for any location in the county. When property is annexed the response information changes from a county agency to a municipal agency. When new units are added to a territory, it changes all the existing response areas because more units are made available to assist in an emergency.

This Office Does Not

  • The information division does not issue physical addresses; contact York County Public Safety Communications.
  • We do not provide maps to the private sector for use, only agencies and municipalities as they relate to police, fire or medical.
  • York County, at the present time, does not issue alarm registration permit numbers. We utilize the information provided to assist with response in the event of an activation.
  • The information division does not distribute the 9-1-1 databases to profit or non-profit organizations. All 9-1-1 databases are confidential.

Common Terms

CAD (Computer-aided Dispatch)

ESN (Emergency Service Number) - A three-digit number designated for a specific group of emergency responders in a specific territory.

Exchange - The telephone company designator that specifies the prefix for your telephone number.

GIS (Geographical Information Systems)

MSAG (Master Street Address Guide)

ORI (Originating Response Identifier)

Physical Address - The numeric that has been assigned in sequential order and considered to be odd or even depending on the side of the road in which you reside.

Telco (Telephone Company)