Welcome to York County Government's page for the Office of Emergency Management! Our office is staffed with fully trained and skilled professionals to act as liaisons between the State Emergency Management Division and other state agencies during disasters. Locally we work with Municipal Law Enforcement, York County Sheriff’s Office, EMS, Fire Departments and others, coordinating the planning, response, recovery and mitigation activities for natural and manmade disasters. In addition, the office coordinates with Mass Care, Emergency Assistance, Housing and Human Services groups such as American Red Cross, Department of Social Services, Department of Health and Environmental Control, Salvation Army and United Way to care for the citizens and visitors in York County.



  •     Emergency and Disaster Operations Planning
  •     Disaster consequence reduction programs 
  •     Emergency Response Coordination
  •     Coordination of rescue/EMS system
  •     Hazardous materials coordination
  •     Catawba Nuclear Station emergency planning
  •     SARA Title III regulation and reporting



What should I do if we have an earthquake?
In 1886 a major earthquake occurred in the Charleston area.  York County was effected.  South Carolina conducts earthquake training and drills annually. 
Can York County be hit by a Tsunami?
No, a tsunami is a surge of sea water and can only occur along the coast.
Where are the tornado shelters?
It is too dangerous to be out when a tornado warning has been issued, therefore attempting to go to a shelter could put the public in greater danger than staying where they are.  The safest thing to do during a tornado warning is to go to a center room on the lowest point of the structure away from windows and doors and shelter-in-place.