Candidate Filing Information
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2014 Primary Candidate Filing Information

Partisan Candidate Filing for 2014 ended at 12:00 noon on Sunday, March 30th

Candidate Filing Process Changes as of Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Section 4 of the Voting Right Act and the passage of the SC State S.2 Bill - Equal Access to the Ballot Act change the candidate filing process. These changes in the Candidate Filing process are now in effect.

Equal Access to the Ballot Act

Read the full text of the Equal Access to the Ballot Act.

1. Candidates for partisan office now file with election commission.

All candidates for partisan federal, state, and county-level offices now file with either the State or county election commission. This change in state law has no effect on the location of filing for nonpartisan offices, such as most school boards and municipal offices.

Visit for more information about the New Candidate Filing process.

2. Candidates no longer need to provide a Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) at the time of filing.

Candidates are no longer required to file a copy of the Statement of Economic Interest(SEI) with County Election Commission . However, candidates must file the SEI online with the SC State Ethics Commission. Candidates may face fines for not filing an SEI, however, filing of the SEI has no bearing on ballot access or the ability of a candidate to win an election.

All candidates must file a Statement of Economic Interest with SC State Ethics Commission.

Visit the SC State Ethics Commission' s Website for more information about when and how to file these forms.