Can't make it to the polls on Election Day? Vote Absentee

Absentee Voting begins thirty(30) days prior and ends the day before all elections.

You may be eligible to vote using an absentee ballot. Absentee voting is allowed if you are unable to go to the polls for a number of reasons. A complete list of qualifications can be found at the SC Election Commission web site.
A voter may vote absentee by two methods:
  • In Person
  • By Mail

Overview of the Absentee Voting Process

Any voter that is qualified to vote an Absentee ballot, by mail or in person, will follow this process:
  • Voter Requests an Absentee Application for the desired election.
  • Voter Returns completed and signed application to the County Voter Registration Office.
  • County Voter Registration Office provides the Voter with the appropriate Absentee Ballot.
  • Voter votes the ballot following ballot instructions.
  • Voter Returns the ballot to the County Voter Registration Office.

Requesting an Absentee Application

Requests for an Absentee Application can submitted to the County Voter Registration Office in a varity of methods:
  • Regular Mail, Email, Phone, Fax or In-Person
  • Online Absentee Application Request
    • You will need:
      (1) Access to a computer with a printer in order print the application and,
      (2) the Acrobat® Reader® software must also be installed prior to starting this process.
    • Download, Print, Sign & Date your personal absentee application.
    • Signed applications must be returned by mail, email, fax, or personal delivery.
    • Note: If you were unable to print your application, contact our office immediately.

Voting Absentee In Person:

To vote absentee in person, a voter will need one of five forms of photo ID (SC Driver’s License, ID issued by the DMV, US Passport, Military or Veterans Affairs card, or a Voter Registration Card with a photo. All must be current and valid). Voters can come to the Registration and Elections office during office hours and vote in person if they have one of the qualifying reasons. Voters will complete all paperwork and vote on the Ivotronic machines while at the office and their vote will be counted as part of the absentee precinct on Election Day. Absentee voting in person is allowed up until the close of the office on the day before the election.

Voting Absentee By Mail:

The Absentee Voting by Mail is a time-sensitive process, please make all efforts to return applications and/or ballots back to our office as soon as possible.

To vote absentee by mail, a voter will need to complete a four-step mailing process:
  • The voter, or an immediate family member, requests an application be mailed to the voter. The requestor must also be a registered voter in York County and provide their voter registration number, address and relationship to voter.
  • The voter is mailed an application to complete, sign and returned.
  • The ballot is mailed only after the Registration and Elections Office has received the completed application.
  • The voter mails the ballot back to the Registration and Elections Office so it is received no later than 7:00 pm on the day of the election.
Prior to calling the Registration and Elections office to request an absentee ballot, please have the following information ready to assist our staff in processing your request:
  • Voter's Name
  • Voter Registration Certificate Number or Social Security Number
  • Home Address and Telephone Number
  • Absentee Address of voter, if applicable

Curbside Voting

Any voter, who because of physical handicap or age (65 or older), cannot enter the polling place in which he is registered to vote, or is unable to stand in line to vote, may vote outside that polling place in the vehicle in which he has driven or has been driven to the polls. Outside every precinct is a designated Curbside Voting parking space that the voter will need to park in and a Poll Manager will bring the voting machine to the vehicle in order for the voter to cast his/her ballot.

Curbside Voting is an option on Election Day that is available to any voter that may need this service; however, voting an Absentee Ballot by Mail can eliminate driving to the polls on election day.