York County Solid Waste Disposal is responsible for operating and maintaining a Solid Waste Transfer Station designed for the processing of municipal solid waste. The waste is received from municipalities and private waste haulers and loaded onto trailers for transport and disposal in an approved landfill facility in Richland County, SC. The county also operates a Construction & Demolition landfill where all construction type waste meeting regulatory guidelines is disposed of in the landfill. Waste tires are also collected at the York County landfill where they are shipped to a tire processing facility and recycled at its landfill.  Solid Waste Disposal is also accepts yard debris at the landfill facility.


  • Operation of a Waste Transfer Station for disposal of municipal solid waste and commercial waste
  • Operation of a Construction, Demolition, and Land Clearing Debris landfill
  • Processing of scrap metal and white goods for recycling
  • Processing of waste tires through chipping and recycling
  • Documentation of all wastes that enter and exit the landfill
  • Billing of landfill accounts
  • Performs regulatory monitoring of groundwater under landfill closure regulations
  • Performs regulatory monitoring of methane generation under landfill closure regulations

This Office Does Not

  • Provide residential garbage collection
  • Manage the collection and recycling centers. See Solid Waste Collection
  • Place disposal boxes at construction sites
  • Accept liquids of any type. See Solid Waste Collection
  • Accept asbestos shingles or siding


Where does my garbage go?
York County accepts and processes municipal solid waste at its transfer station.  Waste is placed in a transfer trailer where it is hauled to an approved Class 3 landfill located in Richland County.
Are mobile homes accepted at the landfill?
York County accepts mobile homes at its landfill.  The metals are removed for recycling purposes and the remainder is processed in the construction, demolition, and land clearing debris landfill.  York County charges $50.00 per ton for mobile home disposal.
Can you waive my tipping fees?
Fees cannot be waived without the approval of the County Manager's Office and County Council.
Do you provide residential curbside garbage collection?
York County does not provide residential curbside garbage collection.   The county does operate sixteen convenience centers located strategically across the county for residential waste disposal.  Facilities are also available at the landfill for disposal of household garbage.
What are the current tipping fees?
Currently the tipping fee for municipal solid waste is $39.50 per ton. The disposal fee for construction, demolition, and land clearing debris is $27.50 per ton. The York County Council establishes fees.
Can I dispose of hazardous waste at the York County landfill?
Only permitted hazardous materials disposal company can dispose of hazardous waste.  York County does conduct Household Hazardous Materials Collection events where hazardous materials are received from the public. York County contracts with an approved company for disposal.  There is no charge for this service.  To find out the date of the next event, please call our offices at (803) 628-3186.
Does York County have mulch available to the public and what is the charge for the product?
Mulch is not available to the public.