Project Background and Overview

York County has been enjoying the economic benefits of growth. Proximity to Charlotte, excellent schools and a high quality of life has attracted employers and residents alike. Coupled with that growth is the increasing demand for services and infrastructure, and keeping pace with that demand is paramount to maintaining the quality of life for which the area is known.

While an update to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan at this time is a requirement set forth in the State of South Carolina's Code of Laws, the update is timely for York County at this stage of its evolution. It presents an opportunity to address the specific needs of the community and continue on the path of positive growth.

This effort will result in a plan that is strategic in nature, it will identify key strategies to be implemented by the County and its partners in both the public and private sectors to facilitate growth management initiatives that are critical to future economic stability. To date the Planning Department has held six public input meetings (each one detailed below). The next community meeting will be held in late summer (September) and will include a draft of the plan document. The project is on schedule to be presented to County Council in late spring 2016.

For additional information about the Comprehensive Plan, please see this FAQ document. Also visit the project's website,

Public Meetings

Community Meeting - Putting the Plan in Action

The Planning Department held a Community Meeting to review and receive comments on the draft York County Comprehensive Plan, February 25, 2016 at Banks Trail Middle School, 1640 Banks Road, Fort Mill, SC. Draft goals and policies were presented for seven of the elements in the Comprehensive Plan. A draft future land use map and land use descriptions were also presented for review. Click any of the following elements to see the draft goals and policies: Land Use, Transportation, Housing, Community Facilities, Natural Resources, Cultural Resources, or Economic Development.  Click here to read comments received from the public.

Community Meeting - Shaping our Future

An interactive public workshop was held Thursday June 11th at Oakridge Middle School in the Lake Wylie area. The goal of the workshop was to work together to address issues and opportunities and create a strategy to move York Forward. The day-long event was broken into five different sessions to gather information and ideas from various points of views and expertise. The five sessions were: a discussion with York County department heads about implications from land use patterns and policies; a discussion of the work to date and developing themes with members of County Council, the Planning Commission and the Advisory Committee; a work meeting of the Advisory Committee; a discussion with municipal planners and business leaders; and a presentation and input session with county residents.

The presentation is available for review (Part One, Part Two and Part Three). At the meeting we introduced the concept of scenario planning. You can now vote for your favorite land use development scenario at

Community Meeting - Visioning

A community meeting was held at Baxter Hood in Rock Hill on Tuesday May 5th. The purpose of the meeting was to present the input received during the previous "listening" sessions. It was also to receive comment and confirmation about the four main themes that rose to the top: economic development, growth management, transportation and parks and recreation. Each station went further into these four main topics and asked for additional feedback. Also at this event, an online application was debuted where participants could use an interactive map to provide input on where the County should grow, what types of development should be encouraged, where transportation issues occur, where natural resources should be protected.

Community Meeting - Open Houses "Listening Sessions"

The public engagement portion of this project began with a series of four meetings located in each of the four school districts. The meetings were held as follows: March 10 - Baxter Hood - Rock Hill; March 19 - Oakridge Middle School - Clover/Lake Wylie; March 25 - Sringfield Middle School - Fort Mill/Tega Cay; March 26 - HC Johnson Elementary School - York. These were all drop in sessions that encouraged participation by talking directly with county staff, writing comments and concerns on maps and boards and discussing issues with fellow neighbors.

The following boards were provided at each event and served as the backdrop to begin the conversation: Introduction, Demographics and Housing, Transportation, Economic Development, Land Use, Community Facilities, Parks and Natural Resources. As participants entered the meetings they were asked to sign-in and provide their home zip code to help us better understand who was participating. It resulted in this map. After all four meetings were held, the comments were recorded and grouped into themes. While many concerns were common across the county, this map helps understand where differences occur.



One of the first documents prepared during this update to our Comprehensive Plan is the State of the County Report. This provides the staff, advisory committee, elected officials, and the public a look at where the County currently stands on a variety of topics - including demographics, economic trends, cultural resources, and transportation. This report is seperated into the following three sections:

Part One - This section contains the Population, Economic Development and Housing sections.

Part Two - This section contains the Land Use section.

Part Three - This section contains the Environment and Natural Resources, Cultural Resources, Transportation and Community Facilities sections.