The Building Maintenance Department provides physical support, custodial and maintenance services to over 40 different county-owned facilities and several county offices located in leased areas comprising over 700,000 square feet of building space. Among other responsibilities, department staff ensure building safety and the optimal performance of building systems by providing preventive maintenance and repair of mechanical, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, building security systems and interior/exterior repairs and renovations. David McCoy is the Supervisor in charge of the Building Maintenance Department.


  • Oversee work performed by contractors on county property
  • Work with the Risk Management department to correct potential safety hazards
  • Remodel/renovate buildings and office space as needed
  • Monitor the utility bills for county buildings to ensure accuracy

This Office Does Not:

Perform building inspections for new construction or remodeling in York County (Please contact York County Building and Codes at (803) 909-7200
Review / Approve building construction plans - Please visit Planning Site 
Issue Building Permits - Please visit Planning Site 
Perform building inspections - Please visit Planning Site