Rock Hill Location

York County Heckle Boulevard Complex
1070 Heckle Blvd.
Suite 101, Box 14
Rock Hill, SC 29732

Phone: (803) 909-7272
Fax: (803) 909-7270


York Location

18 W. Liberty Street
York, SC 29745

Phone: (803) 684-8527
Fax: (803) 684-8553

All Mortgage Companies must request tax information by fax.

Please fax your written request to 803-684-8553

Payment Options

At Counter and through Internet
Visa, Master Card, and Discover  -  Convenience fees are added at check-out.

By Phone
Taxes at 1-866-541-4097  -  Convenience fees are added at check-out.
Water/Sewer – 1-866-541-4098 – Convenience fees are added at check-out.

By E-Check on County Website  - No fee


Departmental Functions

 Responsible for collection and accounting of real and personal property taxes, water/sewer and landfill payments.


  • Collect and process real and personal property tax payments; respond to taxpayer inquiries regarding tax bills; process payments from mortgage companies and process refunds.
  • Report vehicle tax payments and insurance information to the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles; respond to taxpayer inquiries regarding DMV tags.
  • In accordance with South Carolina law, pursue collection of delinquent property taxes through notification, advertisement and auction of delinquent property for collection of taxes, penalties and costs.
  • Register new customers for York County water/sewer service; process all payments for water/sewer services.
  • Receive and review various records and reports including bankruptcy claims, returned checks, business and personal property records, check requests, collection reports, and tax sale activity reports.
  • Collect landfill charge account payments.

Contact information is provided below for other items relating to property taxes, assessments and ownership.

Tax Assessor 803-684-8526
To apply for 4% special assessment for legal residence

  • To apply for farm use assessment
  • For change of address on real estate
  • For appraised values on home/land
  • To apply for refunds on real estate taxes

Auditor 803-684-8501 or 803-909-7171

To apply for vehicle tax refund

  • To request a change on vehicle tax bills (vehicle sold, tag transferred)
  • To apply for homestead exemption (65 years of age, blind or disabled)
  • To contest value on vehicle taxes
  • To apply for high mileage
  • To request estimate on vehicle taxes
  • Business personal property question
  • Request millage rate information
  • To apply for exemption for vehicle tax for military personnel
  • To apply for exemption on vehicle tax through S. C. Department of Revenue
  • To request tax bill to be mailed

Clerk of Court Register of Deeds 803-684-8505
To request a copy of deed

  • To request a copy of a plat
  • To request mortgage company documents
  • To request property lien information



What should I do if I paid my taxes, but I did not receive a renewal decal for my license tag?
Some of the reasons you may not have received a decal may include:  Having any change made to your tax bill before paying, such as high mileage discount; having a first-time bill made for your vehicle; not completing the insurance information section when required; paying your taxes late.  If you do not receive your decal, you should contact the Tax Collection office at 803-684-8527 or 803-909-7272.
Is there a late fee for late payment of vehicle taxes?
There is no county late fee for late payment of vehicle taxes.  However, when you have a DMV tag fee due and the taxes are paid late, you will need to go to any S C DMV to pay the late fee and obtain your decal and registration. 
My taxes were supposed to be paid at closing, and then my mortgage company is supposed to pay them after that.  Why did I get a tax bill?
While real estate taxes are usually pro-rated between the buyer and seller at a real estate closing, York County issues one tax notice to the owner of record as of  January 1 of each calendar year.  Taxes become due and payable on September 30 of each year.  Taxpayers should contact their closing attorney to find out how they should handle the tax notices for a year in which the property was transferred.  York County will send tax notices to mortgage companies upon written request from the mortgage company.
I did not receive a tax bill for my real estate.  Can I have the penalties removed?
The only time we can request that the Auditor abate a penalty is when there is direct evidence that there has been an error on the part of the County.  This may occur in the event of an ownership transfer, in which case you should contact the Tax Collector’s Office regarding a request for abatement.
There are several owners of our property.  Can I pay my share and the other owners pay their share?
York County cannot accept partial payments at this time.  There will be one tax notice mailed to the person listed as the contact person, and it is up to the discretion of the various owners as to how to pay the notice.  Addresses for where tax notices are sent are handled through the Tax Assessor's Office, (803) 684-8526.  Partial payments are not currently authorized by State law.
I bought my property this year, but the tax bill has the name of the person I bought the property from instead of my name.  What should I do?
Tax notices are mailed according to the owner of record as of January 1 of each year.  The tax notice will be in the new owner's name the following year.
My mortgage company paid my taxes on my residence at the 6% assessment when it should have been 4%.  How do I get a refund?
Please contact the Tax Assessor's office to be sure that you have completed your 4% application with their office. After the 4% application has been accepted, the Auditor’s Office will issue a new tax notice at the 4% assessment, the original 6% notice will be deleted. Should your mortgage company send a check for the 6% amount, the difference will be refunded to the mortgage company who made the payment. It may take several weeks to process this refund.
How can I find out which properties will be sold at the delinquent tax sale?
Properties classified as delinquent will be advertised in The Herald for three consecutive Mondays prior to the tax sale each year. The tax sale is held in October or November each year. The date of the Tax Sale will be listed on the website well in advance of the Sale date.
When are my vehicle taxes due?  When are my property taxes due?
Vehicle taxes are due on the day your license tag expires. Real estate taxes are payable beginning on September 30 of each year, and are payable through January 15 of the following year without a penalty. 
My real estate taxes are too high.  Why, and how can I get them reduced?
All residential and commercial property in York County is assessed at 6%, except an owner-occupied legal residence.  If the property is your residence, it may qualify for the 4% assessment instead of the 6% assessment.  Tax amounts are based also on the appraised value of the property.  If you have questions about your assessment ratio or your property value, contact the Tax Assessor’s Office at (803) 684-8526.