Digital Plan Submittal:                         

York County now offers digital plan submittal. You may access the website at If you need assistance with a digital submittal, please contact Bea McCarter, Development Services Coordinator, at 803-909-7238 or Hard copies will no longer be required, but this Department will continue to accept hard copy submittals for the foreseeable future. As we continue to improve efficiency, we will be implementing some new policies.

  • All required documents must be included in your submittal.
  • Click here for our payment policies.
  • Updates on the status of your submittal will be available on-line.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.


The Administrative Division serves as the staff liaison between the various commissions (Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Commission, York County Forever, and the Building Board of Appeals) and the County Manager's Office. This division handles the scheduling and advertising of various community meetings and public hearings, as they pertain to rezoning requests or other public forums necessary to educate the public. The Administrative Division is responsible for the communication of planning related information to the County Manager's Office, County Council, and the media.


If you need help with:

  • How and where to pay impact fees, please contact York County Building and Codes Division at (803) 909-7200 or
  • Neighborhood deed restrictions, please contact your Homeowner/Property Owners Association, or the York County Clerk of Courts at (803) 628-3036 or  
  • Inquires about tap fees, please contact York County Water and Sewer Department at (803) 628-3211 or
  • Paying tap fees, please contact York County Tax Collector at (803) 909-7272 or  
  • The installation or design of septic systems or waste disposal systems, please contact the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control at (803) 909-7300.
  • Seeking relief from code requirements through the variance process from the Zoning Board of Appeals, please contact the zoning division at (803) 909-7230 or


Council directed the Planning and Development Services Department to strengthen the Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) requirement for projects requiring preliminary plat or site plan approval, and for applicants seeking to rezone property.  Council has approved first and second reading, and if approved at third reading as presented, beginning September 1, 2016, all preliminary plat, site plan, and rezoning applications will be subject to these new requirements.  All applications for rezoning will be required to submit a site plan.  Additionally, preliminary plat, site plan, and rezoning applications will need to include a preliminary site evaluation to help staff determine the level of analysis for potential traffic impacts.  Applications requiring a TIA will not move forward until the TIA is reviewed and approved by applicable agencies.  Questions:  Audra Miller, 

Click below for a copy of the ordinance.


Looking for an Application or Form, or just need General Building or Zoning Information?  Go to our Development Services Page.