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How do I get a map made of … ?
Use the GIS Online website to zoom to the area in question, add the appropriate map layers, and then print the map.
My property is not drawn correctly; the boundary is drawn on top of my house, what should I do?
There are many variations to this question.  Use the submit problems website to let us know what the issue is.  A representative from the County Tax Assessor's Office will review your inquiry and let you know what actions are taken.
My property is not supposed to look like what is presented when I review it using the GIS Online website.
Always check the officially recorded document for the legal description of the property.  The disclaimer on the GIS web pages describes how the digital drawing of the property boundaries is an approximation of the legal documents.
How do I obtain digital files of GIS data layers or tax data records?
Please visit our data download page for details about obtaining digital files.
How do I get historical map of aerial photography?
Our imagery viewer can be used to view and make printable maps of aerial photos from 1970 through our most recent.