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The Animal Control division serves the public by responding to and investigating animal complaints regarding stray or unwanted dogs and cats in York County. This service is provided under the authority of local and state regulations. The department operates a shelter to house animals that have been picked up in violation of the leash law and for animals that have been released by their owners. Animals in violation of the leash law are housed for a minimum of five days prior to being eligible for adoption. The division also provides medical care for all animals under its jurisdiction.


  • Picking up unwanted, stray, or injured cats and dogs that are in violation of the leash law
  • Public Education regarding local leash laws
  • Assisting public with the adoption process, including the spay/neutering of animals adopted from the shelter
  • Educating citizens on the importance of responsible pet ownership and the importance of spaying or neutering pets
  • Picking up and process suspected rabies carriers that have had known contact with an individual or their pet


This Office Does Not:

  • Handle nuisance wildlife.
  • Set traps for wildlife
  • Spay/neuter animals that are not adopted from the county's adoption center. 


Does Animal Control spay/neuter pets?
York County Animal Control provides spay and neuter services for all animals that are adopted from the shelter.
Is there a leash law for cats?
All animals must be contained on their property or restrained on a leash if being walked.
Will Animal Control remove wild animals from my house/property/vehicles such as snakes, bats, raccoons, etc?
You will be referred to a company that specializes in wild animal recovery such as Animal Control Experts (803)701-0319 or Carolina Wildlife Control (803)342-2685.